Introduction: PVC Sling Shot

sling shots are one of the best youth toys and have been around for many years.But today I was at t a sporting goods store and saw that a reasonable one can range from $20-$100. so i decided I would try to do it for a lot less but make a decent one. this entire project will range from $10-$20 with half of that money going for a heat source (in my case a heat gun but a stove top or heat lamp will work to).

Step 1: Materials

There are only  5 items that are necessary but some others will make it easier.
1. a heat gun or heat source
2. 7 inches of PVC (1in. in diameter)
3. duct or masking tape
4. rubber bands
5. a saw 

Step 2:

Take the 7 in. piece of PVC and cut strait down 3 inches. 

Step 3: Heating Shaping

Once the PVC is cut you are going to have to heat it up. I used an aluminum troff in witch I heated it .

Step 4: Shaping

Now that the PVC is hot you must pull the to limbs of the sling shot into place with a rag. then while it is still hot press it with some wood and the body is done.

Step 5: The Sling

For the sling I raped duct tape around a piece of paper and cut the corners off. The I hole punched three holes out of it.

Step 6: The Bands

For the bands I used 2 rubber bands and looped them through the hole in the sling and then taped it and also taped the other side to the handle. Now your done and all you need now are some ball-bearings. 

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