Introduction: Pack a Suitcase Better Using Belts

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 Most of the new suitcases have some kind of ribbon to keep everything organized. Those ribbons make the suitcase more spacious. However, not all suitcases had one and it doesn't nessesary mean a real increase of the space to pack. Besides it isn't strong enough to pull the things down.
 Even if you don't have that accessory you can use a regular ribbon or  a plastic bag, but you are adding things you won't use in the travel (maybe some bag for the trash or for the dirty laundry).

 So why do you carry those things that you needn't for the trip? There isn't other cheap and more usefull solution?

  Use belts is the best option fot this purpouse. Anyway, you will carry some belt. It's a cheap solution beacuse you already have one. And it's better beacuse it compress the package and make space into the suitcase.

 Keep on reading and learn the best tip so as to earn space in your suitcase.

Step 1: Take the Clothes

This tip becames very usefull in case you carry really big and soft clothes as thick sweaters, cardigans or huge invernal jackets. Do this trick with jeans is, in spite of stupid, unusefull. Jeans are stiff so you don't have to compress them you have them well folded.

So to make some examples I took:

· T-shirt (x10)
· A invernal jacket
· Sweater (x5)
· Belt (x4)

Step 2: Stack the Clothes Up

Pile up the clothes as you prefer. Them put the stack over two belts.

Step 3: Tie It Up

Tie the clothes stack with the two belts.

Them, fit the belts a bit hard (not so hard!).

Afterwards, smooth the clothes out if it has get wrinkled.

I used the T-shirt so as to give an example of what happens with stiff clothes.

Step 4: Put All Into the Suitcase

As you can see there is a considerable difference between use the belts or not. Remember to smooth out if it's needed.

Not suitable for delicate clothes. (I didn't try it. If you success with one, please post it bellow.)

Now, most of you must be thinking something like: If I put all the mess in and after close the suitcase I press it, isn't it the same result?
Yep, It's the same. The diference is that this trick support you when you are organizing the suitcase. It makes the work easier to put all in and fill the suitcase faster and less forced. Then, when you take out all the clothes they still like you put them, not creased and unorganized. And finally, you don't have to sit over the suitcase so as to close it. Simply close it like if you were doing a small trip.

Step 5: Happy Journey!

I swear this trick can be usefull to you. Thanks for reading!

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