Introduction: Packer Planter

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Took an old scruffy wash tub purchased at Restore. (sorry can't find original washtub pic) Anyway took apart, painted the top with shimmery gold paint, bottom legs green. Had an old plastic tablecloth with Green Bay logos on it, used outdoor Modge Podge to attach. Then sprayed with several coats of UV varnish. Reassembled added some styrofoam (if you want) in the bottom for a slightly lighter weight then, of course, finished filling with potting soil. Lastly plants, of course, some moss from under my lilac bush, then a tiny beach glass path leading to a wishing well. Where Packer fans can wish for another Super Bowl win. Location a few blocks from Lambeau Field.


Old wash tub

One can gold shimmer spray paint

One can green spray paint

Can of UV varnish


Modge Podge

styrofoam (optional)

potting soil


decoration of your choice

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