Pacman Pumpkin



Introduction: Pacman Pumpkin

How to carve a pumpkin if you're a pacman fan!

Step 1:

Buy a big pumpkin. Make sure you get the children in on this, since it will be more of a unique pumpkin. Now use a black marker to draw pacmans head, a dot and a ghost. The stencils should be as far apart of each other as possible to make sure that nothing breaks, but as close to each other so that you still can see that it belongs together and that you can see everything from in front of it.

Step 2:

Make sure to draw an eye on pacman that is connected to the pumpkin. If you want you can make the same thing on the ghost, but pacman should have one eye and the ghost should have two.

Step 3:

Draw a pattern for the top of the pumpkin and start cutting the top of. Remove all seeds and pumpkin flesh. It will be easier if you use a spoon that you pull against the sides so everything gets loose. Make sure to remember to remove strings of flesh on the top that you removed.

Step 4:

Start cutting out the pattern of pacman, be sure to let the eye be attached to the rest of the pumpkin. Do the same thing with the "dot" and the ghost. Make the edges nicer using the knife.

Step 5:

Put a candle inside the pumpkin and put the top back on the pumpkin. If you cut the top right, it shouldn't fall down, but stay on top of the pumpkin. My children helped draw some ghosts and other things on the pumpkin with the marker, which make it more personalised. It is also fun to let the younger kids make their own scary pumpkin and follow their stencils when you carve the pumpkin.

Now wait for ghosts, wiches and monsters to come knocking. Don't forget to fill up with some candy ;-) /Katarina in Sweden

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    Thank you so much! My kids are very proud! ?