Introduction: Paint Roller Spinner

    I was recently painting a room when the paint roller I was using came apart. So instead of throwing it out I decided to make a Paint Roller Spinner for cleaning rollers that I could chuck into a drill.
    You use it like the store bought ones by washing the roller and then spinning it out in a large pail.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

  1. The old roller cage
  2. A length of ¼ inch steel rod (a couple of inches longer than the roller)
  3. A ¼ inch threading die
  4. A ¼ inch lock nut and washers
  5. A 5/16 inch nut (for a spacer)
  6. A small steel cotter pin

Step 2: Thread Rod

Thread about ¾ of an inch of the rod and then place it back into the roller cage so the threaded part is at the end of the cage that you would slide the Paint Roller over. Have the threads protrude out an ½ inch. Then make a mark at the other end of the rod flush with the other end of the cage. This is were you will drill a hole for the cotter pin.

Step 3: Put Together

Drill a hole the same size as the cotter pin (mine was 3/32), at the point on the rod were you marked. 
Insert the pin through the hole and place the rod back into the cage.
Heat the cotter pin enough so that it will melt just into the surface of the plastic to keep the rod from spinning in the cage.
Slide a washer  over the threaded end, then the 5/16 nut as a spacer, then the ¼ lock nut. Don't over tighten the locknut  just snug.

Step 4: Finished

Now it's ready to chuck into a drill 

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