Introduction: Paint Your Floor Tiles With Chalk Paint

We recently purchased a new home which had the most hideous of tile flooring. Unfortunately, the house needs more important repairs like a roof and hurricane impact windows so replacing the flooring will have to wait. In the meantime, I decided to use Poets Paint Waterglass Paint chalk based paint, available on Amazon, to paint the ugly 10"x10" flesh tone tiles and I really like how the tiles look and it was pretty easy to do.


Poets Paint Waterglass Paint in Vintage White
Minwax Polycrilic Water Based Clear Matte Finish
1 Paint Roller
1 Sponge Mop (2nd paint roller will work just fine instead of a sponge mop)


1. Vacuum the floors and clean well to remove any dirt and grime.

2. Apply the Poets Paint Waterglass Paint using a paint roller. We painted two coats and used a brush to get the grout lines in between the tiles.

3. Once the second coat dried, we used Minwax Polycrilic water based clear coat matte finish as a top coat and applied two coats using a sponge mop but a paint roller would have probably worked just as well if not better.

To save on paint, we decided not to paint the whole tile floor and left areas that would be covered by accent rugs unpainted.

So far, we are very happy with the outcome and have not had any scratches. We do have extra paint just in case. Poets Paint Waterglass Paint does contain "liquid glass" which is a hardener not contained in other chalk based paints so it should stand up to wear and tear a little better.

We thought about stenciling a design over the white in an alternate color but ultimately decided on just the creamy white as it went with our "Vintage Beach" theme. But I could imagine painting some beautiful stencil patterns that would look spectacular with other decor.

And we had initially applied a different top coat product which was suppose to be clear but ended up giving the floor terrible amber streaks and we had to re-paint. The Minwax Polycrilic did not streak or yellow.