Introduction: Painted Wooden Spoon

I had recently bought some wooden spoons and wanted to brighten them up a little bit.

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what is needed to decorate you wooden spoon,

A wooden spoon


Modge Podge



Step 2: Paint Main Color the Spoon

Start by painting the main color onto the spoon.

To begin I wrapped a piece of tape around where you want the paint to end. This will help keep a clean line on the end of the paint

Since the wooden spoon was unfinished, the paint got soaked up pretty quickly. It may take a lot of paint.

Once the first coat of the paint dries paint a second coat onto the spoon.

Repeat until you get the desired color you want on the spoon.

Step 3: Add Stripes to the Spoon

Once the base coat is dry you can add whatever accents desired to the end of the spoon. I chose to do stripes.

I started by using masking tape and wrapping it around the areas of the spoon where I did not want white paint.

Then I painted the areas on the spoon that weren't covered with tape.

Once the first coat is dry, I would recommend adding another coat of paint to brighten up the color.

when you are satisfied with how the paint looks you can remove the masking tape.

Step 4: Seal the Spoon

After all the paint was dried, I used the modge podge and painted on the top of the handle above the paint. This helped seal the paint and make it slightly water resistant so the paint didn't bleed.

Step 5: Use!

Wait until the spoon is completely dry and then you can use your great new spoon!

I was very happy how this spoon turned out. It gave it the pop of color I was looking for!

I would not recommend washing this in the dishwasher through.