Introduction: Painting Extension Pole From Scraps

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This is a father to son trick that I'll share with you: how to use the inner tube of a bike to strongly hold in place anything, and in this case paint rollers. I will also use an old curtain rod for this project.

Also, the inner tube bands can be reuse after for other projects, so it's a good way to re-recycle them :)

So here is a list of what you need:

  • a pair a scissors
  • inner tube (bike in my case)
  • an extension pole: old curtain rod (it can be a broomstick)
  • a paint roller

Step 1: Cutting Part 1

  1. First: get the needed size: make 3 turns around the paint roller handle and the curtain rod with the inner tube
  2. cut the inner tube

Step 2: Cutting Part 2

  1. cut the inner tube (long side) (in my case there was a line, so followed it, otherwise you can draw one)
  2. cut in the middle of the band (long side), to have 2 bands
  3. cut each band (again long side), so now you have 4 bands of equal size

Step 3: Strapping the Handle

Using each band it's time to strap the handle to the curtain rod.
It's important to strap the inner tube band firmly so it will strongly hold the handle to the rod.
Make a couple of turns around, and for the last turn, use your finger to leave a space to insert the end. This way the inner tube band hold itself.
And doing the same for 2 others.
For the last band, I used it to strap the 3 other bands to hold everything in place.

Step 4: Finish!!

So now you have an extension pole that will reach your ceiling easily or other spots that are complicated to access to!!

It's made quickly from scraps and I hope it will be useful to you.

Let me know :)

Take care

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