Introduction: Sanding and Painting Furniture With a Spray Gun

Painting a wooden surface with a spray gun is a fast and simple process that will provide you with the painted surface evenly and thoroughly.
The following instructable will explain and demonstrate how to paint an oak table in less than a minute.

required tools

1. air compressor - you may want to work with size 50 liter container at least

2. pneumatic air brush - It is recommended to use the nozzle diameter 1.2 to 1.5 mm

4. sander - recommended eccentric sander

5. polishing papers - Paper 80-100 first stage and second stage of paper 240-320

6. thinner

7. thinner based varnish

Step 1: Preparation of Wood Surfaces for Painting

Before painting the wood, it required to polish all the surface eith a sander to remove any type of wood chip prominent.

After polishing with the rough paper, polish again with a emery paper until you get a fine polishing, after the wood surface finishing touches to his life part.

Once you polished all the wood surface properly, clean the wood surface with the air compressor and make sure that all the surface is smooth.

Step 2: Painting the Fairniture

for the first layer, Mix 25% thinner with 75% varnish, paint a thin layer and wait for it to dry. for the second layer, mix 5% thinner with 95% varnish, the second layer will connect to the first one.

While painting the surface, the air brush should be kept at a constant distance from the surface of the wood.

It often takes three hours to dry the first layer but it is advisable to wait a bit more, After sanding to be painted again evenly as possible - it is important to keep a steady pace, angle uniform coloring and a fixed distance between each line.