Introduction: Paleo Meal

Hi everyone! I decided to make a full meal for all the wanting cavemen out there. This simple plate of goodies contains all natural ingredients, also known as nothing manufactured. I will give a description on how to make each one, and at the end if you a wacky enough to do it: a plate.

Step 1: Veggie Wrap Materials

You will need:

- A couple of veggies, preferably carrots, celery, pepper, or any lettuce kind of things you want (long and thin).

- Some spinach or lettuce (2 pieces)

- 2 or 3 long stems (in my picture you can see some long clover looking weeds I found. They were perfect for the job!)

Step 2: Put Your Veggies in the Wrap

Put one of the spinach/lettuce leaves on a surface and put as many veggies piled up as you can on it. I used Carrots as my veggie supply, I only got a tower of four. Make sure that there is still leaf showing on the outside. It's Important.

Put your other leaf on top of the pile.

Step 3: Wrapping Your Wrap

Tie one of your long stems around the pile and tie it with a knot. If it breaks use the other one and then go get another if you can. Repeat the process with your second long stem.

Step 4: Flowering Your Wrap

If you have the head of the plant you took the stem from, you can stick it in as decoration!

Onto the fruit.

Step 5: Fruit Stick Materials

You will need:

- at least two (I guess you could use one) types of fruit (The small kind. Grapes, strawberries, raspberries...)

- A small, thin, bendable (without breaking when bent in half) twig

Step 6: Stacking the Stick

Stack (in a pattern) the fruits onto the twig with around one or two inches on each side showing.

Onto the chicken...Let's say meat to be safe...

Step 7: Materials Which Taste Like Chicken

With whatever meat you have, Either put it on a stick, or find another means to cook it.

Whatever way you choose to cook it, whether it be tossing into the fire and pulling out of the ash, or roasting it for a while, cook it whatever way you want, but I would go the stick and roasting way...

Step 8: Finish the Meat

Once you have cooked it, you can choose to leave it the way it is, plain, or add a sauce to it. A simple mix I created called the Raspberry swirl contains (the sample size):

- 2 rasberries

- a couple drops of lemon (if you have them)

- a small blob or two of honey (if the bees are generous)

- a pinch of sugar to sweeten the flavor

- something to mush it with.

Mush it up very fine.

Step 9: Hydration Time

Find a large leaf, the size of your hand almost. I took one from a tulip flower.

Step 10: Water-N-Leaf

Pinch the end and make it into a bowl shape. Pour water into it gently.

Step 11: Plate Materials

- A couple of Large Leaves

- A bunch of Long and Sturdy grasses

- Two thin but Sturdy sticks

Step 12: Weave the Leaves

Take one of the long grasses and tie it to the middle of the stick. Tie it to the other end. There should not be much excess grass hanging out of the knot. Do this with about 6 grasses 1 - 2 inches apart.

Take one of the largest/longest leaves and put the end of it in one of the end grasses. Then take the other end of the leaf and put it through one of the opposite end's grasses or as far as it can go. Do this for each leaf you have until you can't see the surface below it. Once you have done that start layering a few of the thinnest leaves you have on top.

Pile everything on!

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