Introduction: Pallet American Flag

This American flag can be used for outdoor or indoor decorative use. It's very simple to make!

To make this American flag you will need:

One pallet

Red spray paint

White semi gloss spray paint

Blue acrylic paint

Sponge brush


DEWALT 6 TPI Woodcutting Sawzall blade

Step 1: Get Your Pallet

For this project you only need one pallet. I used a four-way block pallet, but any other one will do.

Step 2: Cutting Your Pallet

Reduce pallet size by cutting off excess cross panels to create the rectangular shape needed for the finished product. To cut the wood I used a reciprocating saw and a woodcutting DeWALT blade.

Step 3: Fixing Your Cuts

Since you can not always cut 100% straight with a reciprocating saw if you need to make relief cuts to get the edges smoother, than that's okay.

Step 4: Painting Your Pallet

For this step I used spray paint for the red and white. I did the red first, then white, then topped the red off with a coat of white so the red was not so overwhelming. I used semi-gloss white because I like the faint look of it on the wood, feel free to use any type you want. For the blue I used acrylic paint and a sponge brush, I used the sponge brush so you can still see the texture of the wood and also so it wasn't so overwhelming, I liked the dull look!

Step 5: Finishing Touches

On top of the blue I lightly sprayed it with the white semi-gloss paint for effect, this step is optional.

Step 6: Finished Product

If you followed these steps this is what your pallet flag should look like! If you make it post a picture!