Introduction: Pallet Double Flower Bed

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Today was beautiful day with briskly chilled air with warm sunlight. I decided to go ahead do my second project of pallets that I have on hand. Actually, I have no idea what to do with that kind pallets because I had hard time pry the nails out of them. The original idea was build some wooden boxes until I sawed them. I saw the potential of them.

Step 1: Get Pallets

I am lucky enough to have two of same pallets that were left behind by my old neighbor. Make sure it is heat treated wood instead of chemical treated. The measures were 4' by 4' 6 1/2" and 6" high. Please inspect them for anything such as nails and staples, you won't regret it.

Step 2: Cut It Up

Go ahead use any kind of saw to cut the middle of each pallet. What I did was carefully lined my circular saw next the middle stud and cut it slowly. The result was in the picture. Now I didn't took the picture of the other half because I was too focused on this one. As for the stud that you discarded, remove the nails and cut it in half. (Make sure you save all discarded boards) then nail or screw both of the studs to end of the half pallet as showed in picture.

Step 3: Assemble the Half and Studs

Go ahead. Add the second half from second pallet to bottom. I made sure it is 3 inches from the floor for each studs. I realized that I made mistake by not checking the middle stud of the pallet. It seems that someone did not straight the stud so I have to add two boards to made it fits. I don't care what it looks like as long it works as I want.

Step 4: The Result of Assembled Flower Bed

After I added the the board to the end on both top and bottom. Here are the results of double bed flower beds. Save the discarded boards. I am planning to use all of them to make the flower box, perhaps add the boxes on the each sides to expand its potential and of course the space.

Step 5: Trampoline As Liner

Somehow I knew it won't work without liner or the soil will fall through the gaps until I saw what I had in my small junk pile. Of course it was old trampoline with huge hole. Perfect thing for liner since it can let water go through the gaps but can kept soil stand still. I doubled check with mud. It actually filtered the mud. Please don't try to make the coffee with trampoline as filter. (I never tried it since I stopped drink coffee a long time ago) Anyway, I used the common cardboard cutter to cut the trampoline and nailed it around. As you see that I make mistake. So what. The soil will cover that.

Step 6: Finished Results

That is it. All I have do is add soil and put herbs and any plants that can grow on the bed. As you see that I poured the water to show how drain is good. I believe this would be successful harvest this fall.