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Super simple project that can be made using a Jigsaw and a nail gun. It also took me one afternoon to put four together. These are going to be used as an outdoor dining set, will post a separate Instructable for the table.

Step 1: Cut List

I wont go into how to dismantle pallets as there is plenty of information on this already. I personally use a pry bar and hammer, whilst being careful to keep as much of the pallet boards intact as possible.

Legs x 8 - 400mm

Supports x 8 - 360mm

Top x 4 - 450mm.

Once all of your pieces are cut, the next step is to join the eight legs together to make four 90 degree L shapes. This is made much quicker by using 30mm brad nails and a nail gun. I would defiantly recommend this as I used screws for the first one and this proved very time consuming and split a few boards.

A quick tip is to also apply wood glue along the joint first as this will help to strengthen and protect from the weather.

Step 2: Fit Supports and Top!

I started by fitting four of the supports along the top to strengthen the seat. I Fitted these one at a time in a clockwise rotation so that each one is interlocked by the next. Each board is then glued and nailed in place.

I then repeated this process for the base supports, leaving 100mm from the edge of the legs.

In order to fit the top boards I simply laid them out centrally and nailed them into place, making sure that the nails go into the supports.

Sand, Finish and Enjoy.

Step 3: More Pallets Required.

After sanding to remove any lose edges as I wanted to keep the rustic look. I applied three coats of outdoor Pine timbercare stain. which I already had and cost me a total of £10.

Overall I am really pleased with this project as it required a total of eight pallets and £10 for some stain, which compared to what a dinning set would cost, makes for a great saving.

Would love to see any examples you have, I would also appreciate any feedback or comments you might have.


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