Introduction: Pallet Woodstore

We had loads of wood being stored in our outhouse, it's a little bit damp in there and some of the wood was starting to go mouldy. In the shops, a wood store this size was between £200 and £275. This one cost me bout £10 for the ply, £5 for the stain, and I had to buy a crowbar, again for about £5. The pallets were free and I already had screws, nails etc from building my blanket box. After seeing loads of pallet instructables, I thought I would give a woodstore a go. First job was to acquire some pallets. I had access to some from work, but could only fit a few in my car at a time. Therefore I took pallets apart as I got them. Taking them apart was much easier than I anticipated, but obviously lost a few panels as I went along.

Step 1: The Base

The first couple of pallets I cut down to the width of the space I was using, to use as the base. I am using to pallet lengths (1 is slightly longer than the other). The area I am using is on a slope so I also added some supports underneath so the whole thing would be level. I decided that it would be easiest to build this as two sections, and join them together. I stained the base using Ronseal.

Step 2: The Back

I then built the back using 5 pieces of pallet horizontally attached with screws to 3 supports. Even pre-drilling the holes some wood split a little. This was also stained.

Step 3: Supports and Adding the Back

I then cut and stained the 4 corner supports for the wood store, these were then attached to the base. I actually found that if I stained the pallet wood and then didn't quite allow it to dry, there was less splitting when putting the screws through. From now on I stained everything before screwing it on. The back panel was then attached,again with screws.

Step 4: Top Supports

The long top supports where then cut, stained and attached. These where cut from wood from a slightly larger pallet in order to be able to reach. I then did the same with the sides, and made sure it was all square.

Step 5: Sides

With the woodstore on its side I then attached 4 more bits of wood to act as the sides. I just eyeballed these to get equal spacing. It was then flipped over, and I did the other side.

Step 6: The Roof

I needed to add another bit of wood across the back top support so that I could have a slope to my roof. I then nailed 3 beams across to act as a support for the roof. I then put a bit of 5mm marine ply on top and nailed that down.

Step 7: Make Another One

I then made another one in exactly the same way (although this one was slightly larger). I didn't attach the side panels on one side as it was going to be attached to the first wood store. When that's done, screw the two stores together. I gave mine another coat of stain (5 or 6 coats on the marine ply as it didn't take very well. Fill with wood!! Your done!!

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