Introduction: Pandora - Mobile Squeezebox LMS Box

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It's full of recycled parts, very loud and quite versatile.

+ it looks cool :)

Step 1: Parts

Hi there,

i've build a portable LogitechMediaServer Boombox which includes its own wlan-system.

It's all in a box :) So this is my entry to the "boxes"-contest. Would be happy if you vote for me.

If you cannot see the embedded video in the last step, click this way:

The box was taken from a room-outfitter-store. It first consisted of parts for curtains.

Its made from wood and metal. Quite stable.

All electronics where taken from other projects.

The display is an old o2-Joggler which can be found on ebay. It runs a minimal linux which boots the main server and player from an usb-ssd harddisc.

The sound gets into a car-amp, which is powered by a passiv pc power adapter.

The speakers can be connected to the amp or directly to the output of the joggler.

The router is an old netgear. It provides the network to remote controll it with your smartphone.

Step 2: Detailed and Software

You can see it booting in picture one.

It's no problem to connect external, bigger speakers. Cables included in picture 2.

The passiv power supply can be seen in picture three.

The software can be downloaded at:

There is an option to run the system directly from flash, too.

I'm using that on my desktop and the "usb-option" an my joggler in this box.

Step 3: More Details

In this picture (note the annotations) you see more details.

Two-way speakersystem on the bottom. You can close the box and put it on one side.

Keep the cover a little bit open to prevent overheating.

There is a frequency seperator for the two-way speaker system, a power switch for the amp and a piece of metal to lock the cover seen in picture 3.

The "lock" can be seen in picture two.

Step 4: Visuals and Controlls

You can controll the whole system directly by touchscreen.

Or you can use any smartphone.

Or you can use the controller from the "Squeezebox duett". Everything works. Even simultanously.

It comes with some nice visuals as seen in picture 2 and 3.

Picture 4 shows a screenshot of my smartphone.

Step 5: More Pictures

And some more pictures....

Thank you for reading.

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