Introduction: Paneer ( Cheese ) Pizza - Indian Style

The best and tastiest home made pizza from scratch and without oven for convenience.


Urad dal 1 part, 1/2 cup
Rice 2 parts, 1 cup
Milk 4 cups
Cumin seeds 1 or 2 tsp
Butter 4 Tbsp
Onions 1 medium
Ginger 1/2 inch piece
Garlic 2 cloves
Tomatoes 2 medium
Bell peppers 1( if small, 3)
Coriander leaves
Salt 1 tsp
Paprika 1 Tbsp
Garam masala 1 Tbsp( optional)

Step 1: Making Batter for Pizza Crust(dosa)

Soak urad dal(1 part), rice(2 parts) for 8 hours.Grind it. Add salt. Ferment it for 8 hours. Batter is ready. Can Refrigarate upto 1 week.

Step 2: Making Paneer, ( Cottage Cheese)

Add some lemon juice to 4 cups of boiling milk. Add on some more juice until it completely breaks down like in the picture. Then filter it and put some weight to drain all the water. After sometime, take out the cheese and cut into pieces.

Step 3: Making Curry.

In a pan with 2 Tbsp butter, add 1 tsp cumin seeds. Don’t over dry.

Step 4:

Add small cut onion pieces. Add salt and fry.

Step 5:

Add ginger garlic paste or very small cut pieces. Fry a little.

Step 6:

Add tomato pieces and fry until they become mushy.

Step 7:

Add coriander leaves. Mix it.

Step 8:

Add paprika powder. Mix it. Add garam Masala (optional) powder too.

Step 9:

Add bell pepper cut pieces. I used small colored 3 peppers. Green pepper medium sized looks colorful too. Cook until they seem soft.

Step 10:

Add paneer, ( cheese) pieces which we made from milk. Stir it. Don’t overcook. Curry is ready.

Step 11: Making Pizza.

On the pan, spread the batter like in the picture. Spread butter on the batter.

Step 12:

Spread the curry we made. It took half of it for one pizza. Level it. Can break the paneer pieces to level it. Can add extra topping of your choice. Let it cook for 2 to 3 minutes.

Step 13:

Add little butter on the pan before folding the pizza to get the good color and crispy texture. Do not turn it. Just fold it the way you like it. Cut into 3 or 4 pieces. That’s it.

Step 14:

Cheese pizza is ready. If you like the recipe, please vote in the Copycat recipe contest 2020. Thank you!
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