Panino Alla Carbonara (Carbonara Sandwich)

Introduction: Panino Alla Carbonara (Carbonara Sandwich)

this is my first instructable.
Is a variaton of the classic italian dish "pasta alla carbonara" for lazy hungry people, greasy, delicious is great for breakfast.
You can also use the sauce recipe for the original pasta.

You need (1 person):

1 bread roll,
20 g of good smoked bacon or other smoked pork meat (thinly sliced)
a spoon of oil (always better extra vergine olive oil)
100 g of grated Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano cheese
2 fresh egg yolks
black pepper

Step 1: SAUCE!

The sauce:

put in a bowl eggs, chese and pepper,
mix everything together until the sauce will be really thick.
Let the sauce stand for 5 min.

You can use this sauce for the REAL pasta alla carbonara with this little changes:

1 person: 1 egg and 1 yolk,
2 persons: 1 egg and 2 yolk,
3 persons: .................................

Cheese: you need less cheese than panino sauce, the sauce should be soft.
Bacon should be diced not sliced.

to have a good pasta alla carbonara  cook a long pasta (spaghetti are ok)
and mix with the sauce, then add the fried bacon.
eat it!

Step 2: Fried Pork

Cut the pork and fry it in the olive oil in a non sticky pan until will be crunchy.

Step 3: Fill It!

Grill the bread cut in half,
spead the sauce on both half,
fill with the crunchy pork.

Enjoy it!

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    What a good idea. Today I prepare a Carbonara Sandwich to eat at mid-morning on the break from work. Thanks for the idea, I love it.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    100g of Parmesan sounds like a lot for once sandwich?

    Americans might be paranoid about the raw eggs...


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    100g of cheese is not to much, you need a really thick sauce and the only way is to put a lot of cheese.

    About raw eggs:
    If eggs are fresh and maybe organic there's nothing to be paranoid,
    raw eggs are eaten every day by lot of people without problem.
    If the problem is raw eggs taste, don't worry, the sauce will not taste or smell of raw eggs.