Introduction: Pant Folding Machine

I hate folding clothes. I already made a T-shirt folding machine, so I decided, why not try to make a pant folding machine? It works pretty well. Once done, you will be able to lay a pair of pants on the cardboard, flip a few pieces, and have a nicely folded pair of pants.

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Step 1: What You Need

All you need this project is:

A few long pieces of cardboard
Scissors/ Box Cutter
Big Tape/ Duct Tape
A Tape Measure

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting the Pieces

First lay out all of your cardboard and measure out the following pieces :

2 pieces of 11 inches by 13 inches these are pieces A

1 piece 44 inches by 13 inches this is piece B

1 piece 22 inches by 13 inches this is piece C

Using the marker, trace the dimensions and cut them out

Step 3: Assembly

With the big tape standing by, lay out your pieces so that:

Both A pieces are to the left of piece B, and C is to the left of B and below A.

Once they are laid out, tape both A piece together. Tape the bottom A piece to the top of the C piece. Then tape the top left side of B to the top A piece. Make sure not to tape any other areas.

It sounds confusing, but the pictures really help

Step 4: Using It

To use it put your pants on the assembly so that it fits on there nicely. Slide the pants slightly to the right as it will help a small problem i will explain below. Once you have positioned your pants; fold B to the left, fold C up, then fold C and lower A up. You should have a neat pair of folded pants.
This also works great with shorts, do the same thing, except move the shorts all the way to the top.

The small problem mentioned above is the stability of B to A. Since 3/4 of the left side gets folded up, that pieces only 1/4 that is stationary. Piece B has to be taped to that. So piece B can be a little inaccurate. There are two solutions, either flip piece B faster and further, or go to the next step for an optional upgrade.

Step 5: Optional Upgrade

To combat the problem of piece B being slightly unsturdy, you can tape both A pieces together to piece B. This will greatly help the sturdiness and neatness. To use it , you fold B to the left, fold C up, then pull the partially folded pants halfway down so that it is half on A and half on C. Then fold once again.

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