Introduction: Paper Airplane

The paper airplane is a arts and crafts skill that can be a very cool little craft, but most people do not know how to make a paper airplane that is a good flyer. I asked 20 people and only 3 of them could make a good paper airplane. Now lets get started with making a great paper airplane.

Step 1: Starting Out With Your Materials

You should get a piece of paper thats printer paper (preferred, but not necessary). Then you should crease the middle from a hotdog crease, then unfold it to its original state.

Step 2: Step 2

Next you should fold the corners of the paper like the image above.

Step 3: Step 3

Then you will want fold the corners down on the triangle like how the picture says above.

Step 4: Step: 4

You need to locate the midpoint of the triangle from folding the point of the triangle to the base of the triangle then you should know where the midpoint is.

Step 5: Step: 5

Fold the top right and top left corners so the corners touch the midpoint that you just made.

Step 6: Step: 6

You then want to turn over the paper airplane so it looks like there are no folds on it. Next you should fold the paper airplane into equal halves

Step 7: Step: 7

You want to fold the wings so that the bottom of the plane is co-linear with the wing fold.

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