Introduction: Jiexi Plane

This is the world record paper airplane


A piece of paper
A pair of hands

Step 1: Fold It in Half

Fold the paper in half length width or in hotdog style

Step 2: Fold a Triangle

Choose one side and fold it like a triangle

Step 3: Do the Same With the Other Side

Do the triangle fold on the other side

Step 4: Align the Edge

Fold one side the the crease you made with the triangle

Step 5: Fold It Down

Fold it down, while you are doing it you will see half a x, align it with the side

Step 6: Do the Corner Fold

Once you align it you can do the corner fold easily

Step 7: Fold the Down Bit Up

Step 8: Fold It in Half

When you fold it in half, you should see the lock outside

Step 9: Fold Down the Wing Do the Same With the Other Side

The end of the wing must be aligned with the end of the body

Step 10: How to Fly It

To fly it make sure that the wings are very close together and bend the end of the wing bait up