Introduction: Paper Army Tank

(each step has a corresponding picture, pictures are listed in order of process)

1. Begin with a flat piece of copy paper.

2. Fold paper in half the long way and create a crease running from top to bottom.

3. Use scissors to cut paper down the crease separating the paper into two pieces

4. take one of the pieces and set it aside. With the other piece take the top right corner and fold it flush with the left side of the paper as shown in 4th picture.

5. Unfold the right corner and lay the paper flat. Now, fold the top left corner flush with the right side of the paper as shown in the 5th picture.

6. Unfold left corner and lay paper flat. Observe there is now an "X" shape created by the first two creases.

7. Take the top edge of the paper and fold downward making the top corners of the paper flush with the corners created by the first two creases. A crease will be made running through the interception point between the first two creases.

8. Unfold paper and lay it flat. Observe there is now an "X" shape with an additional crease running through the center of the "X" pattern.

9. Pinch the horizontal crease together as shown the diagonal creases will allow the paper to readily take this shape.

10. Press flat and create a triangle shape as shown. The horizontal crease is effectively folded in half

11. rotate paper 180 degrees and repeat steps 4-10 to create the same triangle shape on the other side of the paper. See picture 11 for reference. Both sides are now folded identically to form the triangle shape.

12. On one triangle shape, take the right bottom corner of the triangle, fold it flush with the top corner of the triangle shape, and crease.

13. Repeat step 12 for the left corner of the triangle shape. Both bottom corners are now folded flush with the top corner of the triangle shape and now when held flat the new shape resembles a diamond.

14. Rotate paper 180 degrees. Now, a similar process to the first side. Take the bottom right corner of the triangle shape and instead of folding it over itself to the top corner, fold it under itself, still flush with the top corner. this step can get tricky so be sure to reference the 14th picture to clarify.

15. Press flat creating a crease, observe the same diamond shape created previously except the corners of the triangle shape are folded under the diamond rather than over.

16. Fold bottom right corner of triangle shape under itself to the top corner and crease completing the diamond shape.

17. Now, take the Right side of the paper and fold inward, be sure to make the diagonal edge line up with the edge of the diamond shape on both the top and bottom, getting straight edge lined up with point of diamond shape as much as possible. Refer to 17th picture for reference. Crease and leave folded.

18. Repeat step 17 for the left side, refer to picture 18.

19. Unfold diamond shape that was folded on top of itself and leave unfolded but don't flatten creases.

20. Turn entire project face down, being sure to leave open diamond shape unfolded.

21. Fold side with open diamond over just making the point of the diamond touch the creased edge. Refer to picture 21 for clarification.

22. Now fold the closed diamond shape over the open diamond shape. Be sure to line up the closed diamond shape with the creases of the open diamond shape. Create a crease, now there should be a square top with a triangle bottom. Refer to picture 22.

23. Lift sides of closed diamond and pinch together, notice how the flaps from the open diamond shape can fold to fit the shape of the base of the closed diamond shape. This last step can be tricky as well so be sure to use the pictures as reference.

24. Fold the right flap of the bottom diamond towards the top corner of the top diamond shape wile keeping the sides of the top diamond shape lifted and pinched together. Crease and let the right side of the top diamond shape rest on the folded flap.

25. Repeat step 24 for the left side and refer to picture 25 for the final shape. This should be a diamond within a square.

26. Create some space between the the bottom and top half of the tank to resemble treads/wheels.

27. Now take the unused half of the paper and cut off a small strip. This strip should be about half as thick a the tank itself.

28. Tightly roll up this paper the long way (think gift rapping paper tube)

29. insert rolled paper into the space under the top diamond shape and between the folds resembling the treads/wheels

30. Enjoy!


1 sheet of standard 8.5" by 11" copy paper (any type of paper will do, the dimensions of the paper are important however), and some scissors.