Paper Covered Phone (Chemical Suit)




Introduction: Paper Covered Phone (Chemical Suit)

How to make a cover for your phone out of paper.
Mine ended up looking like a Chemical Suit.

Before we start, Just thought I'd draw your attention to the "View all steps on one page" button. I'm not suggesting my instructable is best viewed like that, I'm just pointing out that the button exists. I took me about a week of reading instructables to notice it, now I click it every time I read somebodies instructable.

Possibly my favorite feature of Instructables.

Step 1: Gather Materials, Get Workspace

Phone (I used my Nokia 5140 with GPS Shell)
Paper (About half a sheet of printer paper)
Plastic Food Bag (optional)


Find somewhere to work.
(I used what little of my desk i could clear by pushing things out of the way.)

Step 2: Prepare the Paper

1. Pick up your piece of paper.
2. Watch you plastic food bag fall off the desk.
3. Scrunch up your paper.
4. Unscrunch your paper.

Repeat points 3 and 4 till paper is supple and wrinkled (like a bank note*)

*In my younger more deviant days i would print out £5 notes on my printer and then "soften" the paper to make it feel right. I never managed to buy anything off adults using this method.

Yes £5 (Five Pounds), I live in the UK. Despite not having dollars the word dollar has, annoyingly, entered the slang vocabulary. (e.g. "ee-yah mate, got a dollah?")

Step 3: Measure and Trim Paper

1. Place phone on paper.
2. Wrap Paper around phone.
3. Trim excess paper.

Step 4: Cut Window for Screen

Cut out the paper which covers the screen.

To find where the screen is, go somewhere dark and use the screen light (see picture). Then you could draw around the screen and cut along the lines.

(Ghetto Points if you cut it out whilst the papers still on the phone, without even drawing guide lines.)

Step 5: Add Plastic Screen Cover.

1. Pick up plastic food bag that fell onto the floor.

2. Cut out suitable size section.
(Has to be slightly bigger than window hole in paper)

3. Tape it into place.

Step 6: Final Wrapping

1. Line up screen and window.
2. Wrap paper round phone.
3. Pull paper tight around the widest part of the phone.
4. Tape it.
5. Pull paper tight round narrower part.
6. Tape it.
7. If you're left with bits that stick up just tape 'em down
8. Look at the top of the phone.
9. Fold the paper like you would a present
10. Tape it
11. Fold and tape the bottom.

Step 7: Final Step.

1. Check that your window placement is still OK.

2. Using the pen, draw things on the phone.
(I decided to draw the numbers in the right place and a circle where i forgot to make a window for the camera lens)

3. Call someone on your newly covered phone.

Other Things To Do.
-Get a hug from your sister (or other close friend/family)

-Try covering the phone in tape to make it super durable and splash proof. (see photo for proof of concept. That one took me seconds)

-Buy some "Nixie Tubes" complete with some ancient circuitry with a view to building a clock, then remember that you have no knowledge of electronics.

-Buy a digital camera. (Although technically both digital, and a camera, my web cam is more than just a bit pants.)

Hands : Me
Male : Me
Female : Sister
Memory Trigger : GLYPH BUILDER*
Place to Share : Instructables

*I had thought about wrapping my phone about a year ago, but it wasn't until i read glyph builder's instructable that I remembered and actually did it.

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    paul the maker
    paul the maker

    6 years ago

    noikias are best they will surive a whole nuke droping on them


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    NICE! Hope you had fun making it and then trying to explain it to your friends (-: PG


    11 years ago on Introduction

    i tried on my nokia 1650 and convert it to nokia N99 ;) see the pic......


    14 years ago on Introduction

    Translation of the above from Russian into English: "I like this! more stuff please ... this is really cool!"


    14 years ago on Introduction

    I did it to my virgin mobile slice ghetto style and it looks pretty sweet... thanx for the idea.


    14 years ago on Introduction

    (Ghetto Points if you cut it out whilst the papers still on the phone, without even drawing guide lines.) haha more ghetto points if you shoot it out whilst not managing to "bust a cap in ones arse" LOL


    15 years ago

    I tried this...apparently it doesnt work with flip phones..


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    i think i could find a way to make it fit a flip phone


    14 years ago on Step 2

    I know, everyone's jealous of our (U.S.A.) superior monetary system. jk


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    I don't know. The best way to find out would be to try it. After a few tries and a bit of creative thinking you might find a way to do it. Paul