Introduction: Paper Craft Slasher Knife Prop

Ever go to the Halloween store and can't find the perfect knife prop for your Halloween costume or just don't want to throw money down the drain? This instructable will teach you to make an inexpensive and good-looking classic horror movie slasher knife.

You will need:
- card-stock paper
- Elmer's glue
- an exacto knife
- colored pencils/markers/paints
- large heavy books

Step 1: Getting Started

First of all gather your materials and find a sizable clean workspace. After you have everything, you are ready to get started. The first step is to take four sheets of card-stock paper and fold them horizontally. In between the fold pour a decent amount of Elmer's glue and spread it evenly ( to do this I folded a piece of card-stock very tightly and just ran over the glue until it was smooth). After this you should have four separate sheets of the reinforced card-stock. Pour glue on on side and stack the four sheets, make sure to spread the glue as previously done. Then place this new thicker sheet under some heavy books and let it sit for a little over 24 hours.

Step 2: Drawing and Cutting

After the reinforced sheet has dried fully you can draw the shape of your knife directly onto the sheet, if you don't want to draw just print out a picture of a typical kitchen knife and trace it onto the sheet. After you have done this begin to cut out the shape with the exacto knife by tracing the lines with it. This might take some time, be patient and gentle.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Now you are ready to color and customize your knife with markers, pencils and paint. I went for the look of a simple kitchen knife with a small amount of blood on the end, but feel free to be as creative as possible with your knife. This technique also works for different knife shapes for different props. Have fun and happy Halloween.

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