Paper Cup - for Beginners




Introduction: Paper Cup - for Beginners

Learn how to make this simple paper cup, it's very easy to make! - this cup is only meant for dry snacks. This is not meant for drinks, cold/melty/hot foods, etc.

Step 1: What You Need:

To make this paper cup all you need is a few things: paper, scissors, and tape! (You can use markers, crayons, etc. to color this cup if you like.)

Step 2: The First Steps.

To start making this cup. Begin by folding the paper in a triangle there will be a little bit extra on it, as shown in pic. Now, cut off the extra with the scissors, as shown in pic.

Step 3: The Folding Begins.

Now what your going to do is fold the triangle, first, fold one end of the triangle to the other, Then tape the end down so it will stay while you fold, as shown in pics. Next, fold the other end the same way you did the last one and tape it down, as shown in pics.

Step 4: A Little More Folding.

Now, there is paper at the top. So fold one of them down, and tape it, as shown in pics. Next, flip your cup over, and fold the other end down and tape it the same way you did as the other one, as shown in pics.

Step 5: Yay!

Yay! Now you're done making the paper cup and you can use it for dry snacks, or just for play to hold stuff in! I hope you enjoyed this craft! =)

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    Street-Wise Irish
    Street-Wise Irish

    6 years ago

    Great idea ! If you line the cup with plastic, like Saran Wrap, you could add liquids too. But otherwise this is a great instructable.