Introduction: Paper-Dahlia-Lamp

The attempt to make and publish this instructable started with paper flowers.

I thought I'd make a bunch of paper flowers, but then I thought it wouldn't be that beautiful.So I searched for different types of flowers and found that Dahlia would look wonderful if made of paper .

I decided to make a big Dahlia, but then it would a big beautiful flower of no use.

That's where the idea of making a lamp came in.

Hence the name : Paper-Dahlia-Lamp.

Step 1: Tools and Material Required :

1.A large sheet of paper(Suggestion: Use metallic paper)

2.Mount board or Cardboard.

3.Fairy lights(Suggestion: Use lights of same colour;I used yellow)

4.Pair of scissors


6. Ruler




10.Adhesive or glue

11.Compass (drawing tool)


12.A paper flower

Step 2: Cut a Circle

Draw and cut out a circle out of mount board or cardboard. (The radius of my circle is 9cm.)

if you are using mount board use pair of scissors to cut and if you are using cardboard use cutter, for making it easy.

Step 3: Draw a Smaller Circle.

Draw a smaller circle on the disc that you cut before for the convinience of sticking the petals evenly.

Step 4: Decide the Number of Petals.

Count the number of LEDs in the fairy lights.

Decide how many petals you'll make and how many will be attached with LEDs.

I put in alternate layers and in alternate petals in last layers.(Topmost layer)

Step 5: Make the Squares.

Mark squares on your sheet for making petals and cut them out. ( Mine were of side 3cm. )

Step 6: Make the Petals.

Fold the square(s) into conical shapes, but keep both ends open and stick them with glue.

The bigger one will look like petal(s).

The smaller one is for putting in the LED(s).

Step 7: Make a Hole.

Make a hole in the of the disc and pull in (upwards) the fairy lights and keep the plug outside (downwards).

Step 8: Light Up the Petals.

Put the LED(s) in the petal(s).

Stick the LED(s) inside the petal(s) with glue.

Step 9: Add the Petals.

Stick the petals on the disc with even distance between them and with even distance from the centre(on the line drawn before).

Step 10: the First Layer.

Complete the first layer as described before.

Stick the wires of fairy lights on the disc.

Step 11: Making of the Flower.

By using the method described before complete all the layers. Hence make the flower.

Make a cylinder out of the sheet and stick it in the middle of the flower.

Step 12: Make the Flower Bloom.

Put the plug in the socket and light up the flower.

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