Introduction: Paper Easter Basket

Want to make a nifty basket, completely made out of paper, for the upcoming holiday? Download and print the attached pdf, cut along all the black lines, and begin! For best results, use cardstock or a similar, thick paper.

Brought to you by KitRex.

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Step 1: After Having Printed and Cut the Pieces...

first, locate the basket handle and basket base. These two pieces look very different from the rest. Slot them together to form an 'X'

Step 2: Attach the Base

Carefully slot-in the base (the only closed circular piece) in the bottom slots of the basket, as shown.

Step 3: Slot-in the Circles

starting with the smallest circle and working your way up, carefully form the basket by slotting the horizontal circles into the diagonal rungs.

Step 4: Slot-in Remaining Diagonal Pieces

To give your basket more stability, slot-in the remaining diagonal rungs into the horizontal circles. When you are finished, all slots should be filled and the basket should be quite steady.

Step 5: Decorate!

Fill with colored paper grass, eggs, and candy!

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