Introduction: Paper Frog

In this instructable I will teach you how to make an origami frog.

Step 1: Square Piece of Paper

You will need a square piece of paper to fold the frog correctly. When you begin folding you want to flip it over to the side opposite of what you want your frog to look like. For instance I want the yellow side to show, so I flip over to the white side.

Step 2: Making Your Own Square Paper

To make your own just fold the paper as seen in the image and cut off the bottom flap. The paper used in the image is a typical sized rectangular paper.

Step 3: Fold the Paper in Half

The first step is to fold the paper in half from left to right. Make sure to flatten it, and make it even(this should apply to every step.)

Step 4: Make a Crease Halfway

Fold the paper again top to bottom, but fold it back to how it was before. This is called a crease.

Step 5: Fold It Halfway

Fold the top half of the paper to the crease you made previously as shown in the image. Fold it back to the top, just to crease it.

Step 6: Make a Diagonal Crease

Crease the top half diagonally. You have to crease the other side of the top half also.

Step 7: Make a Water Bomb Fold

This is the tricky part. Once you have creased the top half, you have to pinch it together. When it's flattened it should make a triangular shape.

Step 8: Fold the Bottom Half Inwards

After that it is time to focus on the bottom half, the legs. You fold the two flaps inwardly, try to make the two flaps as even as possible.

Step 9: The Arms

Fold the top as shown in the image. Do the same step to the other side to make the other arm.

Step 10: Fold the Bottom Half Up

Fold the bottom half to the bottom of the arms.

Step 11: Make Two Triangles

Fold the edges of the rectangle inwardly to make two little triangles.

Step 12: Expand the Triangles

Grab the corners of the triangles and stretch it out. Do this to both sides and flatten it.

Step 13: Fold the Legs

Fold down where the line is. Do this to both side of the flap to make the legs.

Step 14: Almost Done

Flip the paper over and fold it back a little below the arms of the frog.

Step 15: Last Step

Fold the it back up, but leave a little space. Do not fold it all the way back up. Press down to make the frog jump. #Hercules2016