Introduction: Paper GIF

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In this Instructable I will be teaching you how to make this cool little paper GIF. If you don't know what a GIF is its just a bunch of picture put together to make a small moving image. In this case my paper GIFs are only two frames. They are great for entertainment plus they make great gifts... get it?

Step 1: Materials

In order to make a decent Paper GIF you will need the following...

  • index card(s) if you want to make multiple
  • a graphite pencil (recommended) or black ink pen
  • colored pencils or just a type of coloring(optional)
  • pencil sharpener (optional)

Any type of index cards would work but I use the unruled 3 inch x 5 inch cards.

I used pencil so if I made a small or big mistake I could fix it easily.

If your in a hurry color won't matter. Just make sure it looks detailed.

I break my pencils a lot.

Step 2: Folding Process

The folding process isn't that hard just try not to be sloppy or it won't look crisp. Fold precisely (line up the corners).
  1. Fold the card short end to short end. Or as some people know it hamburger style.
  2. Now it gets a little complicated. Fold one flap in half and do the same on the other side.
  3. At the end it should look like a little strip of paper 1/4 its normal size.
  4. When you open it it looks like this.

Step 3: Drawing...

First let me tell you I'm not good at drawing. Period. But doing this can enhance your drawing skills if you do it right.

  1. First you will need to to make your paper flap open only one of its flaps. Then draw your first stage of your animation.
  2. Next open it up to draw the final stage or ending of what it will look like when you open it.
  3. At the end of your exhausting drawing you might want to color it. If not your done.
  4. To make it work just hold on to the flaps on the two sides of the card. Open. Shut. Easy as that.

Step 4: Finished

Thanks for looking at my first instructable. Hope you liked it. By the way I created this little paper thing. Please give credit to me if you plan to post it or what not. Anyway in the comments tell me what you did I like to see others creativity.