Introduction: Paper Gift Box

Getting a Gift
Everyone fortunate enough to receive a present remembers how they loved a thoughtful or unique gift.
The anticipation on seeing it, followed by an urge to unwrap or open it, before the revelation of what's inside.
When you finally have it in your hands, you feel happy that someone cares for you and that you now have something of your own that you like and will hopefully use. Everyone loves the experience and it matters that you liked the gift and that someone gave you one.
The price, the object, the occasion, the background all fade away in the moment. But, an integral part of the experience is the appearance of the gift. A badly wrapped gift can destroy the good feeling associated with receiving it and a well packed and presented present can add to the joy of receiving it.

This tutorial will describe how to make a simple gift box and include a few ideas on what to put in it.

Step 1: Materials and Chart Cylinder

You Will Need the Following:
  1.  Paper or Newspaper
  2.  Sticky tape
  3.  Construction paper
  4.  A firm object that you can roll the paper on.
  5.  A stapler with pins
  6.  Scissors
  7.  A tape measure and ruler
What to Do: Construction Paper Core

The paper layer is added onto a core. To make the core follow these steps:
  1.  Decide what size you want your box to be and find an object that is slightly larger. Think smooth cans or rolls.
  2.  Measure the height of the object and find its circumference using a tape measure.
  3.  Draw a shape on the chart which has sides equal to the circumference and a width equal to the object's height.
  4.  Cut out the shape and, on a smooth surface, roll it onto the object.
  5.  Tape the ends of the shape to stop it from opening.

Step 2: Paper and Ends

Adding a Paper Layer:
1.  Keep the core on the object and place it on a sheet of paper or newspaper.
2.  Line up the ends and roll the paper onto the core tightly.
3.  Tape the paper ends together.
4.  Roll three or four sheets onto the core.
5.  After making a bottom (below) add a final sheet of paper and tape it from the inner side.

Note: To make a paper rim on the ends, use paper that is slightly wider than the cylinder and fold
it into the cylinder at the top and bottom.

Making a Bottom
1. Place the cylinder on some construction paper or card.
2. Draw a circle around it on the paper.
3. Draw squares around the circle; draw a cog border.
4. Draw a second bigger circle and draw its cog border.
5. Cut out the circles and fold the squares.
6. Take the object half out of the cylinder.
7. Place the circle in the cylinder with the tabs (squares) towards you and staple them in place.
    Place the circle on the cylinder with the tabs on its sides and staple and tape them in place.
8. Keep the bigger cog for the lid.

Step 3: Making a Lid

Making the Lid
1. Decide how wide you want the lid to be and fold paper that is slightly wider.
2. Roll the paper onto the cylinder and staple or tape to keep shape.
3. Take the big cog, place it in the 'lid' with cogs outward and staple or tape in place.
     Place the big cog on the cylinder with the tabs on the outside and staple or tape in place.
4. Add a final layer of paper that is slightly wider than the lid and keep the tape on the inside.
5. Fold the excess paper inwards and tape in place.

Instead of gift wrapping, print out a pattern of picture and tape it onto the box.
To decorate the lid, use ribbons, bows or cut paper.

Step 4: What to Put in Your Box

Gift Ideas
Fill your box with warmth, good wishes and your inner goodness.
If you can't find it in you or just think people want more tangible gifts, consider the following gifts:
1.  Prayer mats
2.  Candy, biscuits, etc.
3.  Home-made sweets
4.  Marbles
5.  Stationery
6.  Tools
7.  Balls
8.  Bats
9.  Rubik's cube
10.Hoberman's sphere
12.Neodymium magnets
13. Perfume
16.Wall decals
17.Blackboard/whiteboard decals
21.Flashlights or pointers
22.Gadgets such as mice, flash drives, etc.
25.Gift cards, subscriptions or cash
26.Jewelery, bracelets, etc.
28.Computer utilities like software or cables
29.Video games or board games
30.Sweaters, scarfs, gloves, etc.
31.Microcontrollers (AVR/Arduino/PIC,etc.)
32.Bee keeping kit with bees
33.Storage boxes

Happy holidays.

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