Introduction: Paper Kunai #HMS2020

In this instructable I will explain how to make kunai(a ninja weapon from Naruto) out of paper. I have included words and videos as two options to learn how to do it. Please comment if you need help. Hope you enjoy!


2 pieces of paper(you can just use regular notebook paper if you want but you can use construction paper as well)

Tape(use the transparent one or else your kunai will look weird)


Ruler(not necessary but it helps)


Step 1: Beginning the Kunai

Take 1 piece of paper. first take the right side and fold it all the way to left side. Then take the bottom and fold it up to the top. Unfold it and turn it so that the paper looks like a book. Fold up both bottom corners until they meet the crease in the middle. It might remind you of a paper airplane. Now fold both sides until they meet the middle crease again. Fold the two sides so that the middle crease is pointing outward.

Step 2: Writing Lines for Later

Make sure you have the paper looking like a kite for right now. Using a ruler make a straight line about 3/4 of an inch below the third lowest corner. Make sure that your paper has the left corner higher than the right corner(if it isn't, flip to the other side). Now using your ruler, draw a line straight up from the middle of the line you just made. Now just draw diagonal lines from the first line to make a triangle. Now just cut off the paper outside of the triangle on the top.

Step 3: The Setup for the Handle

Now put tape along both of the long sides of the paper and wrap it to the back. Now take one of the long sides with one of your fingers and the other long side with another finger and push. Now open it back up about halfway. Now cut out a small rhombus from to top. Now tape the two triangles on each side with the ones behind them. Now cut off the tips of the triangles, but make sure they are cut off equally.

Step 4: The Handle

On the left triangle at the top tape the left side and wrap it the back. Do the same with the right triangle but with the right side. Now cut off the tips of the triangles. Now take the long left and right side and push them so that the "mouth"(lets call it that for now) opens. Now you should see four trapezoids(they don't really look like trapezoids but it's as close as I can get) covering up the whole mouth except for a hole in the middle. Tape each of these to each other. Now grab your other piece of paper. Start from a corner and start rolling up the paper. Keep rolling until you run out. Quickly grab a piece of tape and tape the edge of the paper on the roll so it doesn't fall apart. Now insert the roll into the hole and keep pushing in the roll until it reaches the end of the knife. Now tape the handle onto the trapezoids so it doesn't fall out. Finally take the end of the roll and fold it into a circle at the end of the handle and tape it.

Step 5: Conclusion

I learned a lot from this project. This project was the project that got me into origami and folding. The one problem I had was trying to make this without scissors, so that it would be pure origami, but that didn't work out. This project taught me how important and helpful writing lines can be. I hope you guys enjoyed this project and weren't being lazy and actually made it. If you did I hope you liked the outcome. It was hard for me in the beginning too, but I have folded many of these(due to the amount of times I had to make the videos over and over again).

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