Introduction: Paper Laminate IPhone Stand

I have previously done a few projects incorporating wood lamination, and one day whilst at home I decided to try out the technique with paper and other easily acquired items - it worked! So then I decided to actually make something useful so I settled on a simplistic iPhone stand as this could incorporate easy curves and edges.

Step 1: Materials

All you need for this is some normal A4 printing paper - I used white because that's all I could find.
You will also need:
-Glue (glue stick will work)
-CD (or something the same thickness as the phone)
-Wine cork (or a thick pen)

Step 2: Cut the Paper!

Title says it all really - just cut the paper into approximately 30mm strips, cut enough strips so that when they are all stacked and squeezed together they make up about 3mm thick.

Then glue them all together - yes it takes time but do it properly to get the best results!

Step 3: Moulding

Now to mould the laminates....
Start by bending it around a CD case to form the area where the phone will sit, and then bend the remainder around a wine bottle cork - a profile view of it should look a bit like a '5'.

Step 4: All the Trimmings

Let the whole thing dry, shouldn't take too long as it is only glue stick glue....
Then use scissors or stronger shearers to cut the whole thing down to size, and leave on a radiator to fully dry out.

Step 5: Finished!

Tah-dah! It should theoretically work because mine did... Anyway please comment and show me your experiments with this technique, and be kind - this is my first instructable!