Introduction: Paper Medals for Students

About: Physics teacher in Italy.

I'm a physics teacher and I think i worked too hard for demotivation of students. So this year I've decided to work in order to increase students motivation.
I've thought I could create more interest in physics rewarding good students with a simple and cheep gift.

-colored sheets A4
-colored ribbons

-paper drilling

I surfed the internet looking for an origami suitable for making a medal and I've found this one:

Step 1: Medal Creation

I made my first one and I've studied it to know what was the available area for my motivational message: on an A4 sheet I had a square of 5.2 cm of side. So I created an image of that size and I've loaded it in a text document in order to print it in the center of the sheet. I've also seen that, on the other side, the origami I've chosen has a square space that allow the insertion of a little square sheet of 7cm of side. The visible area is a square of about 3.5 cm of side. I've added the subject of the inspection and the name of the class.

Step 2: Medals for Students' Necks

The last detail is the ribbon: I've bought some meters of ribbon in brilliant colors. I've made a hole in the top peak with a paper drilling and I've cut a meter of ribbon… and the medal is done!

Step 3: Finished

And now I'm waiting for student reactions.