Introduction: Paper Ninja Star

This will be a steeply step guide to make a paper ninja star. Quick and easy!

Step 1:

Obtain the necessary items.

Required: Two pieces of paper

Optional: Scissors

Step 2: Making Squares From Two Pieces of Paper

Start with two pieces of regular 8.5 x11 inch paper.

Fold one corner down lengthwise, then fold the piece that hangs out. Cut or rip off the piece that hangs out to form a square out of the paper instead of a rectangle.

Step 3: Make the Two Different Parts

Take one of the square pieces of paper that you just made, and fold it in half again. Then fold each side into the crease that you made by folding it in half. Then fold it in half again. Repeat this step for the other square piece of paper as well.

Step 4: Folding the First Part

Fold the piece in half again. Then fold the top half down on an angle and line it up with the crease made from folding the whole piece in half. Do the same to the bottom half but the opposite way.

Step 5: Making the Points

Take the corners that are left and fold them down into the other line of the paper to create points.

Step 6: Folding the Second Part

Take the other piece of paper and fold it in half and basically repeat step 3 for this piece of paper but there are a few differences. Instead of folding the top piece the same way as the top, fold it down the opposite way. For the first piece we folded the top part down and to the right, and the bottom up and to the left. With this paper, fold the top part down and to the LEFT, and the bottom part up and to the RIGHT. Then fold the corners in to form points.

Step 7: Label and Check

You can label each piece (optional), but check to make sure the two pieces that you. just made are opposites of each other. It will not work if you. folded each piece the same way at step 4.

Step 8: Start the Assembly

Place one piece on the bottom with the folded parts of the points facing upward, and the other completed piece on top the other with the same folded parts facing down. Then starting with one of the points, fold it into the center, tucking the point under the larger fold of the other piece. Do the same with the other point of that same piece.

Step 9: Finish the Assembly

Flip the whole thing over.

Then proceed to fold in the two remaining points and tuck them under the folded parts of the other piece, completing the throwing star.

Step 10: Hone Your Ninja Skills

Hone your awesome ninja skills and practice throwing your now completed, paper ninja star at some targets! Take car not to throw it at another person, because the folded points are quite stiff, and can hurt!