Paper Ninja Star

Introduction: Paper Ninja Star

Do you want to become a real-life ninja, well now you can. With this easy to follow instructable, you'll be able to make ninja stars and be able to throw them with ease. Have fun, and make sure that you never throw them at other people especially at their heads as the ends of the ninja stars are sharp.

Step 1: Materials

I like to create projects anyone can do. Ones you don't need to have $100 equipment to make. This project is perfect because you only need one thing, PAPER! For this project, you will need a square piece of paper but don't freight, If you do not have any special origami paper I will show you how to turn a standard piece of paper into a square.

*OPTIONAL*- If you aren't the best at tearing along a crease in paper than you can easily use scissors to cut along this crease for you.

Step 2: Getting Started

To make your ninja star you need a square piece of paper. If you know or have a square piece of paper already then you can skip ahead to the next step to get started ut if you don't then keep reading.

First, You need to take one corner of the paper and fold it over the paper until it is aligned with the opposite edge. There should be a narrow flap that doesn't have any overlap that is about two inches wide. This flap will be the part you are going to cut off.

Second, you will need to mark the point where the overlap meets the flap. You can do this with a ruler and marker but another way is to fold it over onto itself to make a crease along the edge where the two meet. This way you'll have an exact point where they meet and you can cut it or if you crease it enough you can even tear the piece right off.

Third, You need to cut the flap off. Doing this will make your overlap into a square. After it is cut off all you have to do is unfold it, it will become a square.

Now you can get started on your ninja star and will have a square ready to go.

Step 3: Cutting the Square

Now that you have your square you will have to cut it once more. This time you need to fold your square in half a make a crease. You can either unfold, flip it over and fold it in half over and over so you can tear against the crease or you can use your scissors and cut it instead

Now you will have two rectangles that will become two parts of the ninja star. After you cut the square in half, fold each of rectangles in half as shown in the picture above. Then fold them in half again but the opposite way. You will no longer need to cut.

From This step onward, I am going to try to be as obvious as possible and try to write as little as possible so you don't have to read a lot of writing.

Step 4: Unfold the Rectangles Once Then Fold Sideways Along the Middle Crease on Both Sides in Opposite Directions

This is an important step because it is the beginning steps for what is to come and if this step gets messed up the entire ninja star

Step 5: Flip Over the Pieces and Fold the Ends Down It Looks Like a Z Instead of a Parallelogram

It is important that you do not fold the edges so it looks like a parallelogram because if you do, it will not work from this step on.

Step 6: Fold the Outer Triangles Inward So to Shapes Become Diamonds, After You Do This Unfold

This step makes the construction of the ninja star easier so you can attach the pieces together easier.

Step 7: Putting the Pieces Together

This is the hardest part but once you have done it once, it is easy to do it over and over again. You need to lie one of the pieces directly over the other one at an opposite angle and facing the same way. You need to go in a clockwise direction folding one edge over the other until you get to the last edge. This is the most important step where you will need to take the tip of the last flap and tuck it under the flap in front of it. It is exactly like closing a box so it will stay closed. Once you do this, you will have a fully functioning ninja star that gets you one step closer to becoming a ninja.

Step 8: Ninja Mask

This has nothing to do with the construction of your ninja star but if you or the child you are creating this project wants to look like a ninja than this is the step for you. all you need is a long-sleeved shirt. Black is preferable. Take the shirt and put it over your head without your head going all the way through the hole and your arms out of the sleeves. Take the sleeves and tie them behind our head so only your eyes are showing. Now your ninja stars are ready to be used by a real-life ninja.

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