Introduction: Paper Flowers

With Valentines right around the corner, this is the perfect, unique DIY to give to anyone. These are flowers you can make with only paper and glue. They're also a great piece to set out and the best part is, they never die! Even if you aren't going to give them to anyone, they are still a cool, fun DIY to do at any time with anyone.

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you will need several materials. The best part is, these materials are really easy to find and even if you can't find the specific material, you can use something else that resembles it. It is mostly up to your engineering and imagination.

1. You need paper. If you do not have colored paper you can use normal paper. To give your flower a more realistic look you need green paper for the stem and for the ''flower'' part, you can use any color you choose.

2. You will need a glue stick. You can use normal liquid glue but it won't stick/dry as quick as you'll need and it to will make the flower wet and possibly warped.

3. You will also need scissors to make the cuts. You can use an x-acto knife but I've found scissors make the cuts much easier.

4. Another thing you will need is a ruler. The ruler will help you draw and mark the lines.

5. You also need a pencil or pen to write the lines. A pencil will probably be best so you can erase a line if it is messed up instead of using a different sheet or a different space so you won't have marks.

6. The last thing you need is a q-tip. I have found that a q-tip works the best to make the curls instead of anything else. A q-tip without the fuzz is just the right size to make the curls. You can also use a kabob stick but they tend to be too big.

Step 2: Cutting the Petals

To make the "flower" (petals) part, you need to cut a strip of paper that is 2'' by the width of your paper. It should be about 8.5'' but any length within 0.5'' will be fine. To make a more accurate strip of paper, you should measure 2'' on both ends of the paper and make a light line to cut along so the line won't be at an angle if you measure only on one mark. This will be helpful with every mark and cut you will make

When you cut your 2'' by (about) 8.5'' you are going to need to make another line that is 3/8'' away from one of the longer edges like I showed in the picture. Again, to make a more accurate line, you should make this mark on both ends.

After you have to cut the "flower part" flaps to eventually role, it is best if on the edge without the 3/8'' mark you should go long and make tick marks where you will cut every 1/4''.

Once you've gone and made all your tick marks, these will be the marks where you'll cut until the line you made. Cut on every tick mark until your paper looks like a comb or a mustache.

Note: You can experiment with making the flaps skinnier or wider to see which look better. I recommend using the 1/4'' marks because skinnier flaps will be harder to roll and wider flaps won't look as natural. Yet, it is all up to your imagination.

Step 3: Curling the Petals

To curl the petals you need something small and round. The smaller the item used, the more curled and realistic the flower will look. I chose to use a q-tip because it was small and easy to find. You will have to experiment to find the best way for you to roll every flap. I've found it is easiest to roll it with my fingers around the q-tip. After you finish, it should look like the second picture.

Note: If you choose to use a q-tip, then you want to take the fuzzy part off so it is like a lollipop stick.

Step 4: Making the Stem

Making the stem is easy. This will probably be the simplest part of making the flower and how you do it will determine how long your flower is. For a more a natural look, you will want to make it longer rather than shorter and I will show you how to change the length.

The first thing you need to do is to take your green paper and make a strip 2'' by (about) 8.5''. Or the width of your paper. You can also make a strip 2'' by the length of your paper if you want to make a really long flower but it is probably best if you stick with 2'' by 8.5''. It will turn out more natural.

After you cut this strip, you want to apply glue all over one side as shown. Make sure it is coated very thoroughly and especially in the corners.

Then, you want to take one corner of your strip and roll it. The lesser the angle you roll your paper, the longer it will be. Or the more you try to roll your paper at the diagonal (opposite) corner, the shorter it will be. I recommend just rolling the paper like I show in the 5th picture. This gives the stem a natural and stiff look.

Step 5: Putting the Petals on the Stem

Putting on the petals is also easy. All you have to do is roll them around the top of the stem.

The first thing you want to do to lather glue on the back of the petals. Try not to put glue on the curled petals. Make sure you put a lot on so it will stick properly.

Then you want to place one end of the petals on the skinnier end of the stem. Then you just want to roll the petals around as tightly as you can so they touch but aren't overlapping and all the petals are free.

Keep rolling until you have rolled all of the petals around and I have found you need to add a little bit more glue on the very end so it won't unravel.

Note: You want to make sure that part of the petals touch the stem so it won't slide right off and has more "grip". This will make it much easier.

Step 6: Cutting the Leaves

Cutting and adding the leafs is an optional step, but it will make your flower look 10x better. If I were you I would do this step.

To first make the leafs, you need to cut out a 2'' by 3'' rectangle out of your leftover green paper. It is important this is a very precise rectangle so the leafs will be able to look better.

After you cut out the rectangle, you need to fold it along the shorter edge as shown. There have to be five lines and six parts. It is easiest if you fold it in half, then fold on each side of the halfway mark you need to fold it in thirds. I show you how to fold the paper into sixths in the pictures. hopefully, it will make it easier.

You then want to fold the folded paper into an accordion as shown in the pictures above.

After it is folded you want to cut it in the shape of a leaf. Depending on the side you cut on it will give you three or four leaves. If you cut on the side with three bends, then you will get four leaves and if you cut on the side with two bends, you will get three leaves.

Note: Make sure you don't cut from the bottom, this will make your leaves fall apart. You should start the cut about 1/4'' from the bottom.

Step 7: Adding the Leaves

To get this part right you need to add a lot of glue. This way it will not unravel.

After you apply a lot of glue, you need to add the leaves at an angle. Probably before you add the glue you should experiment by rolling the leaves around the stem to see which way you want to glue. This way you can make your flower perfect.

Note: Make sure you need to apply the glue only at the bottom of the unfolded leaves. With your imagination, when applying the glue make an imaginary line where the leaves touch. This will help you make a good flower

Also, make sure you apply the glue on the side that matches the picture. This will make your leaves look more natural.

Step 8: Finished

Now you're done and can enjoy your flower. You can use this to make a cool piece in your room (and don't have to water which is the best part) or you can give it to someone you care about. You can make a single flower or you can make an entire bouquet. I love this project because you are able to experiment with different colors or sizes. Have fun with this project and make sure to use a little imagination to make your flowers yours.

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