Introduction: Paper Party Popper

So you need a party popper and the dollar store is all out, so why not make your own it only takes about a minute.

Step 1: Material

All you need is a piece of paper and maybe a ruler for strait edges.

Step 2: Main Folds

1. first start by folding it in half, then open it back up.

2. fold the top part (1 in from very top) make sure you are holding it so the fold is like shown above

3. repeat it until you are up to the center of the page so it looks like the image above

4. fold it 1 time so the original fold from step 1 is also in the fold

Step 3: Assembling the Popping Part

Now we are going to assemble the part that moves and makes the popping sound.

1. to start, fold midway like in the image.

2. Now push the fold that you made in step 1 in. (like the arrow in the picture) (It is hard)

3. once you did that, you should have something that almost looks like a horn.

Step 4: Make Some Noise!

Now lets make some noise!

1. hold the very front of the popper.

2. thrust forward very hard. (may need to adjust angle if it won't pop, check you fingering or push the triangle part coming out of the bottom a little.

3. after the power went off you should have a flat folded piece of paper, open it up.

4. fold the top part, if you look in the image at the top it should be touching the line so to do that fold it again.

5.repeat the last step (assembling the popping part: step 2)

Step 5: Conclusion

Thank you for looking at this instructable and sorry about the images.

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