Introduction: Paper Pumpkin Halloween Lantern

Complete your Trick or Treat outfit with this pumpkin lantern.

Ages 8+

Step 1: Materials and Tools


  • A4 thin cardstock, orange for pumpkin. 1 sheet
  • Balloon up to 13cm length
  • Long strips of green paper: 1cm width and 3cm width. One of each
  • Pieces of paper for face


  • Ruler and pencil
  • Child-friendly scissors
  • Glue dots or sticky tape

Step 2: Folds and Cuts

Mark the card

Lay the sheet of orange card in landscape orientation.

Measure the vertical lines. Using the pencil and ruler mark the card along the long edge at every 3cm from left to right. Draw lines down at these marks from top to the bottom edge. You will have 9 lines.

Measure the horizontal score lines. Along the short edge mark at 1.5cm from the top and then every 3cm down. Draw lines across from left to right edge. You will have 7 lines.

Make the folds

Fold on each of the horizontal and vertical lines.

Step 3: Cuts

Make the cuts

Fold the card at the centre horizontal fold and cut all lines from the folded edge up to the 1.5cm fold.

Don't cut all the way to the edge!

Cut the last strip of the card as shown in the diagram above.

Step 4: Does Yours Look Like This?

Open out.

Step 5: Fold Top and Bottom Edges

Step 6: Assembly

Assemble the frame

Overlap the short edges with the cut strip on the inside. Using glue dots or tape attach the short edges together at the end strips.

Insert the balloon before you inflate it. Don't overfill and check that you are happy with the shape. Tie a knot.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Make the pumpkin stem

Use the 1cm strip of green paper to cover the balloon knot. Wind the strip tightly around a pencil and pull the inner end through to make it curly. Attach one end of the strip to the balloon knot with a glue dot and leave the other end loose.

Attach the handle

Stick the 3cm strip of green paper to the top of the orange card.

Make the face!

Cut out eyes, nose and mouth from black paper and stick on to the pumpkin.

Step 8: Tips and Extras

Use sufficient amounts of adhesive as the balloon could tear the card if over-inflated.

Don't over-inflate the balloon!

Instead of an ordinary balloon an LED balloon looks amazing as you walk along your street, and it will light your way. Ideal for keeping the ghosts and monsters away!

Alternatively, make a green Frankenstein's monster, or a Witches black cat.

Most of all, stay safe at Halloween!

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