Introduction: Paper Quilling Typography for Graduation

Heloo, it's Quinzy again

In this instructable, I'm going to show you how I made this violet paper quilling typography, for my friend's graduation. She really likes violet, so I decided to made paper quilling in violet-pink colors. Let's make it!


  • Paper strips. I used 0.5 cm in width. Violet-pink color: 70 gsm and white: 120 gsm
  • tweezers
  • scissors
  • PVAc glue
  • A4 white paper as a base paper

Additional: tiny violet flower bouquet

Step 1: Design the Font Type

In the previous typography project, I designed my own typography. But in this project, I use a Commercial-free font. You can print the font, but don't forget to set the color to faint grey so that the line won't stand out terribly if you miss the line.

The font I used is Golden Ranger

Note: I made sure that the font is free for commercial use

Step 2: Outlining

For this step, I used 120 gsm white paper. I recommend a heavier paper for the outline as this paper will take the strain of the elements being filled inside the letters. By placing the strips on the outline, I've marked the places where the strip will need to be bent. To curve the paper, you can gently run your finger along with it, much like you would do with scissors and ribbon to get that to curl.

I applied a very precise line of glue over the outline of the letters. If you have a letter with a hole in the center such as "a", "d" or "q", it will be easier if you start gluing paper strips from the inner line. Using a pair of forceps, I placed the paper strip over the outline. It would be ideal to do the whole letter with one strip but sometimes, the lengths are insufficient. This will lead to joints. In order to make the joints less conspicuous, use one of the bending points for making a joint. Put a thin line of glue on the edge of the strip and glue the new strip there. The other technique when you attach two pieces of paper together, make sure there was about 0.3 cm of overlap and glued between them.

Step 3: Filling

This step is quite simple but needs patience. You need to cut the paper strips and adjust to the typography. You can add the glue on the base paper or on the paper strip.

Step 4: Additional

After the typography is done, I add some ornaments at the corner of the base paper. As you can see I made some confetti/ribbons sketch. As usual, I made the outline first and then used colored paper strips to add more colors. Other than the confetti I also add a tiny violet flower bouquet that you can see the instructable here. Finally done!

Thank you for staying with me. See you at the next instructable! :D

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