Introduction: Paper Robot

This is a paper robot designed by Yufei Ma for a User Experience and design class at Berkeley City College.

The robot's name is Whally, and he was built by scientists to help with small tasks when they are conducting research.


Paper, printer, scissors, glue or tape

Step 1: Cut Out the Included Net

Cut along dotted lines, folding at solid lines. Be careful not to cut through the lines

Step 2: Glue the Robot Together

Either using a gluestick or a tape, attach the small tab to the inside of the opposite face of the robot. Do this for all sides, the finished product should look like the picture

Step 3: Cut Out the Arm and Slide It in the Slot

Cut out the small slip of paper and slide it up. These are the robots arms. Because the robot primarily serves as an assistant, it's arms on on the front and back, allowing for faster access from the scientists.