Introduction: Easy Paper Rocket

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Today we will be learning how to build a paper rocket! This is an easy, cheap, and fun project that can be completed within an hour.

Step 1: Supplies

Here are some of the supplies you need:

Index cards

White Elmers Glue

Painters Tape


Braces rubber band

Step 2: Making the Body

Empty out the pens contents so you only have an empty pen tube. Next wrap one of the index cards around the pen tube tightly but still leave some room for the braces rubber band.

Step 3: Adjustments to Body

Now we will be trimming the body of the rocket. You are going to want to cut the index card tube to the length of the picture. You should try to make sure that the edges are straight. You are also going to want to tape one side and make sure no air can escape. And that is all for this part!

Step 4: Fins

Now we will work on the fins. Cut out four of the shapes in the picture out of the index card. Next you will want to tape the fins to the tube and make sure they are sturdy. You have now done the fins!

Step 5: Preparing to Launch

Now you will want to use scissors and push some of the plastic outwards on the pen tube to stop the pen from going farther. Next you will have to attach the pen tube to the bike pump and lock it. Next take a box and take the flaps so they cross over each other. Next, you will place the black part of the pump into the small opening of the box as seen above. Now place and hold the rubber band on the straw and then put the rocket on the tube and push down so that the rubber band seals the rocket. Now you are ready to launch.

Step 6: Launching the Rocket

Now take the bike pump and slow pump. After abut 5 pumps raise the pump to its max and then push down extremely fast. Now watch it launch and feel awesome knowing you just made a rocket!

Step 7: Safety

Try not to point this at anyone. If you are below 10 have adult supervision. Make sure that you are standing a reasonable distance away when pumping so that it doesn't hit you. Also try to make sure the straw/pen tube is as straight as possible so there is a smaller chance of it arching and hitting you in the eye. And last of all, have fun!

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