Introduction: Paper Roller Coaster

This is my first instructable ever in this tutorial I am going to make a marble run with paper


All that you need is:
Paper(card stock I used 240 gsm card stock)
Piece of cardboard
And Patience

Step 1: Printing the Templates and Folding

First you need to print the templates in card stock (I used 240 gsm).
You can buy the templates from
Then you need to cut and fold the templates
You can find the instructions from
It takes a long time for cutting and folding this.
Do it very carefully
You need someone to help you while making this otherwise it will take a long time

Step 2: Building the Frame

You can get different ideas of frame from Google. You should build the frame from columns and beams. Tape the columns to the cardboard. Tape the diagonal supports to the columns to the base.Add more columns on the top. Add beam to hold the columns together. You can then add more beams while attaching the tracks. I build a tall frame with a square base. My frame tilted a bit because of some wrong foldings

Step 3: Attaching the Tracks

There are several different types of track. There are also some tricks and techniques for attaching the tracks to the framework.Using a bracket is a secure and simple way to attach track to the framework.Loops are probably the most impressive feature that you can add to your roller coaster. They are not too difficult to make, but your marble must be moving fast when it reaches a loop or it will not complete the loop.A slow marble can be cool - If a marble takes 30 seconds to reach the bottom of the roller coaster, it will be more impressive than one that only takes 5 seconds. Keep the incline of your tracks gentle so the marble doesn’t reach the end too fast. Only use steep tracks when necessary. If the marble flies off the track, make the slope more gentle to keep the marble’s speed under control. You can see my roller coaster from:

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