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Introduction: Paper Roses

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These papier mache flowers would make great napkin ring holders. Paint them in your wedding colors or in all different colors. For a more elegant look, you can't go wrong with gold or silver.

Glue a beautiful ribbon or a fancy elastic band that matches your decor/theme to the back and tie around a napkin.

You could also use these as place card holders or to number each table. Just slip the card in between some of the petals.

Step 1: Create a Template

Cut the each petal out of card stock. In this case, I used an old file folder.

Step 2: Cover Your Petals

Start applying a few layers of newspaper dipped in papier mache mixture to your cutout petals being sure to wrap the paper around the edge of the petal. While you're working with each petal, give them some shape but bending or forming them with your fingers. You could also place each wet petal into a spoon to dry.

Flour and water make a great "glue", try adding some white glue or wallpaper paste to the mixture.

Step 3: Start Assembling

I let them dry and then assembled the flower with the help of some tape. I then applied more layers of papier mache.

Step 4: Apply Celluclay

I let them dry and then added a thin layer of Celluclay to give it some texture. Celluclay is a finely textured, non-toxic material that handles like clay. I added a small mound to the middle and pressed in a cubic zirconia for some “bling”.

I painted them with a white base coat of acrylic paint, then a mixture of colors ranging from red, silver to gold...I couldn’t make up my mind. But that’s the fun part of these projects, when you wipe away some of the paint, you never know what your end result will be. But, I’m pretty happy with my flowers. Next time I make them, I might not add as much celluclay and just go with a smoother texture.

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    6 years ago

    They are very pretty creative and cute.At first I couldnt even tell they were paper


    12 years ago on Step 4

    yay...i love these going to make my own version using wire to give a more dramatic shape to the petels...thank u for the inspiration...ill post pics here when im finished...<3

    Facci Designs
    Facci Designs

    Reply 12 years ago on Step 4

    oh, I can't wait to see them, That's a great idea!