Introduction: Paper Shotgun

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Hello everybody,

Today I am going to show you how to make a paper shotgun. This paper shotgun is fun to make and play with. It can shoot small paper bullets in a range of upto approx. 10ft (Yes, one can have real fun). This shotgun's bullets being made of paper, doesn't hurt anyone and is highly enjoyable for kids.


1. Paper ( A4 size )

2. Rubber band

3. Scissors

4. Tape

5. Fevicol

Step 1: Making the Body

  1. Take an A4 size sheet.

2 . Roll it using an old ball pen refill

3. Stick it using glue

4. Make 3 rolls using the refill

5. Put away one of the roll (Roll 'A') (we will need it for making bullets).

6. Now using this roll make a bigger roll (of bigger diameter) (Roll 'B')

(see to it that the smaller roll slides in the bigger roll easily)

7. Cut the second roll (smaller diameter) into 2 pieces. Stick one piece at the starting of the bigger roll with tape

8. Stick the another piece at the mouth of the smaller roll

Step 2: Making the Bullets

  1. Take one of the rolls (of smaller diameter)
  2. Cut this roll into 4 pieces
  3. Your bullets are ready

Step 3: Assembling

Now that we have made the body parts, its time to assemble them with the below steps:

  1. Take the bigger roll- its side with the smaller piece should face towards you
  2. Fit the smaller roll with its one side mouth closed inside the bigger hole
  3. Fix one end of the rubber band at the bigger roll and another at the start of smaller roll where the small piece is stuck

Step 4: Time to Use

Have fun with this pocket gun. And don't forget to click on the I made it button after you had made it

( caution: don't hit on face )

Step 5:

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