Introduction: Paper Snowflakes

Since the holiday season is drawing near, I thought making snowflakes would be a good craft to show you how to do in six simple steps.


1. Square shaped printer paper or card stock

2. Scissors

3. Marker or drawing utensil

Step 1: Mark Your Edges

Grab your paper or card stock and cut into a square with your scissors. What I usually do to make the whole process easier is to color the edges of the paper after it is in square form. This will help you later.

Step 2: Fold Into Triangle

Fold your paper in half diagonally do you get a triangle. Make sure all sides line up.

Step 3: Fold Again and Mark

Fold the triangle in half down the middle a second time. At this point, the markings you made on the outside of the paper should be the longest side of the triangle. Mark the point across from this longest side with a dot.

Step 4: Fold Into Thirds

Hold your triangle point down and fold into thirds as you would a brochure making sure that there is still a solid point on the bottom. You should see two diagonal lines from when you colored the outsides of the paper this is the front.

Step 5: Cut Off Access

Flip over to the backside and cut from the top at an angle, (look at picture for this step to help). You are cutting off all the colored edges and will use the lone triangle for the next step.

Step 6: Cut

This is where your imagination comes in! Begin shaping your snowflake by cutting small triangles and angular shapes out of your piece of paper. Be sure to cut off the center tip of the paper that you marked with a dot so that your snowflakes center is empty. The more cuts you make the better the outcome.

Step 7: Unfold

Unfold when all of your cuts are done.