Introduction: Paper Spiral

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Drop a tiny marble in and it comes out the bottom. This project is very easy to make and fun to play with.

Step 1: Materials

You will need

  • Paper
  • scissors
  • tape
  • a tiny marble

Step 2: The Tube

  • Fold over a piece of paper.
  • Cut the piece out
  • roll it into a tube about the size of a straw

Step 3: The Ramp: Part 1

  • Fold over a piece of paper about twice the size of the other
  • Cut it out
  • Fold the paper in half

Step 4: The Ramp: Part 2

  • Cut little slots into 1 half of the paper
  • do this through the entire piece

Step 5: The Ramp: Part 3

  • Tape the slots together
  • Do this for all of them

Step 6: Attach

Tape the ramp to the tube at an angle, if needed when done, cut the end of the tube off.

Step 7: Finished

Now you can roll the marble down the ramp and have it come out the other end.

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