Introduction: PaperCut- Fish

According to the contest requirements, I have made an all paper art piece to hang on any wall. It can also be used as a hanging (by not pasting the fish cut out on any sheet) or a design piece to stick on your lampshade from inside to have a fishy light in your room ;)

Had a happy time doing this !

Thanks to this contest and instructables ! :D


  • A3 size sheet - 2
  • Pen knife
  • Pencil
  • Double Sided Tape
  • A4 size sheet of 4 colors ( color reference in the image)
  • Fevicol

Step 1: Cutting Out the Fish

  • Draw a fish from a pencil or you can trace it also
  • Now by using a pen knife, cut pieces out
  • For Fins, make a borderline , so that you can take that as margin line and cut thin wavy strips.
  • Do the same thing for other fins and fish tail.
  • You can make partitions in fish tail to give it more intricate and defined look as I have given
  • For the body part, draw double half circles for scales and cut out the inner circle.
  • At last cut out the fish from the outer margin line.

Step 2: Background Water Effect

  • Take three shades of sheet and randomly cut wavy circles out of it from smaller to largerin size, like shown in the picture.
  • Now paste the smallest one on the darkest shade from double sided tape and then lighter shades upon it. To make a little 3D effect or depth.
  • Finally take a A3 size sheet and cut out a rectangle a bit smaller (take 1cm) than A4. So that the white sheet work as a border for the water depth piece.
  • At last paste the fish cut out on the top.

Step 3: Ready

And your art piece is ready !!

You can frame it later or can cover it from cellophane sheet at home .

After cutting out the fish, it's your call to choose the background either you want to paste it on a solid color sheet or keep it as it is.

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