Introduction: Paperclip RC Car Body Clips

Quick simple body clips for your RC Hobby Car. These are useful when you've lost yours or in my case the guy i bought the car off didn't give them to me... or in general just don't have them.

Or you could make them just cuz u feel like it? Whatever your reason, here it is. : D

(BTW First i'ble)

Step 1: Supplies and Equipment

You'll need:
Needle Nose Pliers (normal pliers would work as well but it'd be harder to maneuver)

Sharpies *You could use any permanent marker but then they wouldn't be as cool |:
Felt Tip Pen
A clean workspace

Step 2: Find Yourself Some PAPERCLIPS

Okay, there isn't reaaaaly a limit on how thin/thick you can make these but the ones i used were standard office 5cm long and 1mm thick. The paperclips should be nice and rigid but still malleable with pliers.

Step 3: Unbend Paperclip

Try and get it nice and straight. It makes the rest of the task easier.

Step 4: Mark Out and Bend First Semi-circle

Erm. Preety simple, i marked 2cm and then made a small semi-circle.

Step 5: Start the Bending

Okay it's pretty easy. All you need to do is hold the paperclip just before your to-be-bend and then push the long bit in the direction you want. After the first bend make them all 90 degree angles getting progressively smaller. You'll see.

Step 6: Cut of Remaining and SHARPINISE

Just cut the paperclip a bit before the end of the straight bit.
To Sharpinise, colour in with a sharpie. BUT. do it like you mean it. cuz it's sharpie rite?

Step 7: Make More Until You've Got Enough

Umm. just make more?

Step 8: Attach to Car... or Watever

Clip them on. You can push them to the first ridge or all the way.

Step 9: RC Car

I just thought i'd add some pictures of my nitro in question. I put the LED Green underglow on it : D
Tell me if u think it looks good.

UPDATE: (a few hours after posting i'ble)
The nitro truck is temporarily decommissioned as whilst tuning the high speed needle today the failsafe err failed and the car drove at full speed into a large brick wall. Whilst i watched from some 20m away...
The front right shock has been damaged and the socket has been completely shattered. The steering rod as also snapped on that side and now i'm left with the remains of a right working wheel. I'm pretty pissed off now :( I'll post a pic of the right wheel.

Thanks and please rate :)