Introduction: Paperclip Darts

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A buddy and I were bored and had some office supplies, figured we would have some fun. Keep in mind, these darts are sharp and should be treated like regular darts.

Step 1: Supplies

supplies are pretty straight forward, although some aren't needed unless you want more leverage for bending the paper clips.

You absolutely need:
Three paperclips
Wire clippers

It helps to have:
Needle nose pliers
Regular pliers

Step 2: Shaft and Point

the first step is cutting the paperclip to make a piece that will act as your shaft (the long part) and point (the pokey part). Take one paperclip and bend the first curve to straighten it. then you want to cut the paperclip at about where the second curve of the paperclip begins, which leaves you with two pieces, one long and one still bent.

Step 3: Making the Barrel

We're gonna start adding weight to our dart. Make a small loop using needle nose pliers on the piece that's still curved. holding the curved piece in place about 3/4 inch from the point of the straight piece start winding it around the shaft.

if you don't have needle nose pliers you can skip making the loop. wind it starting about an inch from the point, in the middle of the curved piece.

Step 4: Do a Barrel Roll

straighten the other two paper clips out, and repeat step two for each paperclip. You will wind the paper clip over the previous wind to make a barrel that has some decent weight. Make sure to start your wind from the piece of your previous wind that's closer to the point, and wind it as tightly as possible. keeping the weight towards the front keeps the dart straight.

Step 5: Flight

adding the flight is pretty easy. Take about an Inch and a half of tape half way up the long side of the shaft, and fold the other half over. once folded cut the tape at an angle leaving just a bit on the end. Make sure it's even on both sides, otherwise the dart might steer itself sideways.

Step 6: Make a Good Point

Take your wire clippers and cut your new dart at an angle. the smaller the angle the sharper the dart.

Seriously though, after you cut the point it will be sharp, BE CAREFUL PLZ GUIS OKAY.

Step 7: ????

congratulation! you now have sharp pointy things to throw into cardboard. my buddy and I made a few different kind, I personally found this way to be the most efficient and accurate, but experiment!

I cannot stress enough to be careful with these, they are nearly identical to darts you can buy in the store (cheap ones at least) and can seriously hurt pets, people, and walls.

I have personally learned about the walls.

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