Introduction: Papercraft Whale

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Materials Required.

A4 or Letter Paper



Craft Glue

Access to Printer

Step 1: Print Out

Print out the Mask Template on A4 or Letter size paper.

Do not scale the print Use thick paper or stick your print out onto heavy card for greater rigidity.

Step 2: Cut Out the Template

Cut out along the solid Line.

Take your time and be careful.

Step 3: Fold the Dotted Lines

There are two types of folds,

Mountains and valleys. The dotted lines become valleys The dotted and dashed lines become mountains. One can score these dotted lines to give a greater definition on the finished whale. I use a pizza slicer to do this

Step 4: Step 4: Glue the Grey Tabs.

Glue the grey tabs to the matching number. i.e. Tab 2 to side 2.

It does not take long for the whale to take shape.

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