Introduction: Paperweight Resin With 3d Fish Painting

When I see this on internet, I always want to make one. The artist that always make this is "Riusuke Fukahori. He is gold fish painter artist that make a realistic fish art. he inspired me to make one of this. I can only made a simple one, but the finish is looks nice than I thought.

what you need is:

1. Clear resin

2. Paint (usually acrylic, but for me, I use enamel paint for some reason)

3. painting brush (medium to small for detail)

4. small plastic cup (for mixing resin)

5. extra parts (if you like it, you can add dry leaf or pebbles)

6. and the container (whatever you want to use)

for the container, I use balsa wood. it's easy to cut and strong.

And for the container you need:

1. Balsa wood

2. ruler

3. pencil

4. glue gun

5. hobby knife/ cutter

Step 1: Make Your Own Container

well, you can use almost anything for container. we can only use a non-transparent one for this. if you already have a container, just skip to step 2. but in here I will show you how to make one. I use Balsa wood for the container.

first you measure the size of the container. whatever the size is your choice. I use 8 x 8 cm for the bottom parts, and the height is only 5 cm. So we have one 8x8 and four 5x8 cm parts. then assembly it using glue gun or you can make a joint slot like a puzzle. But make sure you use glue gun to every gap. if not, resin will dripping out.

After that, you can use sandpaper to make a flat surface. then clean it up.

Step 2: Pour the First Layer of Resin

when the container is ready, you can pour you first layer of resin. Mix your resin with it's catalyst. My resin have a ratio 1:1. don't put too much and mix it well. do not stir it too hard, or you have little bubble everywhere. pour it to the container, close the top of the container if you don't want a dust in the surface and leave it until it start to cure

Step 3: Time to Draw!

for some reason I can't show you how to do it in resin. but I'll show you how to draw it per layer on paper, so prepare your paint. and you can use whatever colors you like. but naturally a standard gold fish or koi color is red, yellow, white, black, or even flesh color.

1. draw the fins for the first layer

done? now pour another resin. but this time only a little. but make sure you cover the entire surface, if you pour too much it will affect the finish look.

Step 4: Second Layer

after dry, then next step in draw the base of the body.

done? then pour another layer of resin.

Step 5: Third Layer

now we start to draw some detail here. first is little bit layer of paint on the body. then draw the eye using black paint. then it's time to use smaller paint brush. puts some little dots on the edge of its body. I use white for scale. then arrange it like in the photo. after that let's pour another layer of resin.

Step 6: Fourth Layer

add another layer of body line but smaller than before. because we follow its body structure. make it just a thin layer, if you can, make it transparent. then draw more scales. and you can mix some other color for make it more look nice. don't forget to draw a little scale on its head and a line of its dorsal fin.

let's pour another layer of resin.

Step 7: Fifth Layer

draw the body line, but remember to make it smaller than the previous step and more scales. you can ad another color to its scales like black. And don't forget its dorsal fin. if you think this layer is not enough, you can add another layer of resin and repeat this step. and then pour another layer of resin and start the next step.

Step 8: Sixth Layer

you don't need to draw another body lines. just draw some small scale and more dorsal fin and you finish the draw. if you think you want to try a vertical dorsal fin, you can use transparent paper. cut and shaped it whatever you like then paint it. and stick it to the back of your fish, and pour another layer of resin. if not then just pour your resin whatever much you like. and it's finish!

Step 9: Extra Parts

you know it's boring if its only fish....

well you can add the extra like small leaf or pebble on the bottom to make it more interesting. you can put it on whatever layer you want, like 3rd layer or the last layer.

it would be better if you use a really clear resin!

now you have a unique paperweight.

or for decoration.